Weekend Fun

Thank goodness the weekend is here. Going to head out to the Yarn Factory Outlet Store in the small town of Listowel Ontario. (about 60 mins for London Ontario) Have not been there but it suppose to carry a large selection of Patons, Bernat, Lily, Phentex yarns and White Buffalo wool.

Has anyone ever used White Bufflo brand before?

This is from the Yarn Factory Outlet Store's site
White Buffalo:‘A historic product with new and modern pattern support, White Buffalo is a truly unique product. This 100% pure unspun wool is very popular in the fashion industry and can now be made at home for much less of the cost, and much more of the fun.' Buffalo yarn.

here a link to the site you are interested.


I've been to the Spinrite Outlet in Listowel, it has a pretty good selection..lots of "ends", and bags of misc yarns, for cheap prices! Everytime I've been there, it's been really busy, usually full of little old ladies looking for bargains! LOL I've used White Buffalo patterns in the past, but never their yarns.. didn't know they sold them there, will have to make another trip up there to find out!