Tingwall Jumper

This is my latest garment, just off the jumper board -and, just in time for spring and summer so I'll have to wait to wear it until next year. It is the Tingwall jumper from the book “The Art of Fair Isle Knitting” by Ann Feitelson. Some notes about this project:

1. It took me about 3 months to complete it. The main reason for the delays was the fact that I changed jobs just after beginning it in late July and the new work sucked all the energy out of me. I would go home nackered at the end of each day and just couldn’t find the energy to even pick up the ball of knitting wool.
2. It is done with Jamieson & Smith 2-ply knitting wool in 8 colours. I used a 3.5 mm needle. Of course, it is knitting circularly, seamless and with steeks. I’ve included pics of the steeks for those who are unfamiliar with them.
3. The basque as well as the cuffs and collar are all done in corrugated ribbing. I like the look but find the knitting a bit slow; it’s easy to make it too tight. Here I think I did the basque too loosely and next time I need to find the happy medium between the two different tensions.
4. The pattern is made up of 5 row peeries randomly alternating with larger designs.
5. The collar is knitted in rib up to the last row which is purled to make a turning edge. Then, in solid red, an equal number of rows are knitted. This is turned under which lines the collar and gives it a nice look and feel. I also did the back of the neck steek (5 rows) which works so much better than none.
6. All ends are knitted in rather than darned in.
7. I used the weaving method rather than stranding. I am still not happy with the finished results as the stitches are not as even as I would like. In the photo one can see the selvedge edges which I darned in place with a blanket stitch.
8. I knitted off-gauge and blocked it to size. Why? Who knows.
9. It is very comfortable to wear and does not feel heavy even though it is double thickness.

It is getting clearer to me that I am really interested in stranded knitting, far more so than any other type of knitting except maybe ganseys. I can see why knitters elect to focus on one type of knitting in order to become very proficient at it. I still have a long way to go before I get even close to excellent at stranded knitting. Although this garment is wearable and remarkable to non-knitters, to me it is only passable and I need lots more practice.

My next project is going to be done on the knitting belt. It is a basic jumper with an Icelandic style yoke design with the Nordic Star pattern. I am keen to get my tension sorted; I’ll be doing stranded knitting to see if it makes a difference.

One last thing: thanks need to be expressed to Mario (MMario) for telling me about IrfanView and to Patrick (Celowin) for explaining to me how to use it.

I probably should have posted it to the Gallery section but I didn't think of that until all the attachments were uploaded.

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Beautiful Work !

You did a great job with the picures as well.

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Are you f-ing kidding me right now? That sweater is freaking amazing. I want someone to knit me something so immaculate. I think the red would make me look ridiculous, and I'm not big on patterns that busy, but DAMN...that's awesome! It's almost hard to believe a person made that! One day I'll get there!!!!

Way to go!

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So, YugiDean said it best, in my opinion...immaculate! absolutely beautiful! I can't even imagine the patience and attention to detail...omg, SO inspiring! You are truly an artisan, and, speaking for everyone else, you are truly an inspiration to us all! Simply AMAZING!

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Jesse, it looks just great, you've done a terrific job. Did you knit the basque on 3.5mm as well?

Jesse, you did it again. This is truly beautiful and a credit to your skill, so stop nit-picking about it only being passable. I look forward to seeing your next project - although I did hope it would be Henry VIII.

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Amazingly beautiful! And you work full time as well! Thanks for posting the pictures of your process to assemble. I'm still not quite sold on the steeking process......this was helpful.

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Another beautiful piece of art. The colours are amazing. I am glad to see another person using neck steeks and the board is an invaluable tool to Fair Isle. Hope the dust has settled at the new job.

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It is absolutely gorgeous. It is too bad that your seasons are the opposite of up north, because I know it would be very painful to me to have to wait six months to wear it.

I'm also very jealous of the "inside" picture. It looks very clean and even. There is no way I'd embarrass myself by showing the inside of my work.

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I could take up MEGS of the poor servers memory shouting your praises.

You certainly are THE master of Fair Isle!

I SO envy your work.

What can I say? Perfection!


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Jesse...I think you should loan the sweater to one of us...for our winter...then we can send it back to you ... for your winter!!!

I hhave to concur with YugiDean.....and Bill! Ummm...it is supposed to be only 42 tomorrow here.....I will email my address!

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STUNNING!!! That is an incredible job. I choked a little when you explained why it took you SO long to finish....3 months!!!! Mate I would still be casting on in that time!!!

"It is done with Jamieson & Smith 2-ply knitting wool in 8 colours"...now I understand that slight manic edge to your smile.

I have been in Christchurch in Janury and been rugged up in woollens...spot the Aussie!!!

I fully concur with other comments that say "inspiring"!!

Only passable? It's wonderful! I'm very much encouraged in my hobby now after having seen your fantastic sweater! I hope only that when I at last find the courage to pick up the needles to knit such a project that it will be as nice as your wonderful piece.


That is THE best yet! It is worlds beyond my ken.
You never cease to amaze.

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How beautiful! I love fair isle sweaters. Asplund