I ran across this site and think it's fantastic! I read alot here today (4 hours I could have spent knitting) and decided to join. I solemnly swear to not post when I have PMS, to put doilies on every chair, make you throw out your favorite chair, shirt, shoes or that sweater you bought in 1962 that's 2 sizes too small with holes in the arm pits. Can I stay?

Rave :)


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You are totally welcome here!

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Of course you can stay... :-)


Grace and Peace,

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Welcome! I'll say the same thing I say to every woman that asks about the "appropriateness" of being here... the site is for "promoting and inspiring the art of knitting amongst men," and there is absolutely nothing there that a woman can't participate in. I'm sure I'll find your work inspiring, and every bit of discussion you put forward will make the site more interesting for everyone.

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LOL I don't know how much of an inspiration I'll be. Unless your aspirations include insanity.
I learned how to knit from a man that joined a knitting group ran by a friend of mine. Unfortunately I live in a small town with even smaller minds, and last week they made the decision to no longer allow him and one other man into the group. I was pretty upset by this, since the women don't do anything during the group but complain about thier husbands and the only ones I was really learning anything from were the two men in the group. So I told the group my thoughts on the subject and was told that if I was going to promote homosexuality in our town that I wasn't welcome back.
So I decided to search for a group on the internet and after looking through the site and seeing the work done by the people here decided to join, alot of the groups I have looked at involve some pretty simple and frankly alot of ugly knitting, and of course mostly women complaining about thier husbands.
I haven't been this excited about knitting in a long time. I'm actually FINISHING things I started a year ago. Yay Me!

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Sounds like you may be better off not associating with those women! Any chance you and the two guys can form your own group?

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I agree Mario. Unfortunately my thinking has lost me a friend of 10 years, but I figure it's her problem not mine. The funny thing is, if any of the women had bothered to talk to the two men, they would have found out that neither was homosexual, they are cousins, who's grandmother taught them to knit because she had no grand daughters and wanted to pass along her love of knitting to someone. They simply judged them because the knit. It saddens me that there are still so many people with this kind of small minded thinking.
Unfortunately they both go to Florida to live during the winter, but we talk through emails, and we're planning on getting together next summer. So you boys are stuck with me. *grin*

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