Drinks and Knitting

Knitting Parties!!!! I just went to one. There was food, wine, martinis, beer, dancing. Is this how all knitting parties are? I had way to many drinks. My knitting was...... for lack of a better work, creative.



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Its how they SHOULD be....

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WHAT?????!? A knitting party? I am SO envious...

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NOT if you're a lace knitter . . . .
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Sounds like fun to me!

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Never been to a knitting party, but would surely love to. Closest thing must be a few knitting dinners (with wine!) with some friends. One of them isn't into knitting, but she's musical so we sometimes get live music (flute) while we knit. I'm the only guy by the way, but I don't expect anyone to be surprised! Asplund