Well boys...here she is---

The ALL new, 2008, ES, LE, SE, LTD...6 cyl, automatic...........KROMSKI SYMPHONY!

She is a beauty. I started to "teach" myself for about a half hour yesterday. Was a bit frustrating at first....then it sorta clicked. The wool spun too thick. Today I did about an hour and went to the other side of the spectrum and some parts were as thin as thread. I think I started to even out near the end. It was relaxing to spin. With time will come expertise I guess.

I don't get the Scotch Tension but that will be another post someday!


Oooooooo, And it's a double drive, too. Good for you. I love DBD.
~Mike in Tampa
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You're a few days ahead of me!

I'm taking a beginning spinning workshop on Wednesday of this week! I'm anxious to get started....recently purchased alpaca and sheeps wool in Vermont in anticipation of this new activity. I hope that I'm as successful as you in such a short time!

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What a nice wheel! double drive *envy* sounds like you're doing wonderful teaching yourself. I was really slow at catching on. Would love to see some of your yarns. And remember, and mistake you make more than once becomes a pattern :p

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Thank you...I thought as while I was spending the money...might as well get a double drive....something to last for a long time...and investment I suppose.