Joined last week and thought I would say hello. I am NOT a man, but I hope you guys don't hold it against me! I am a designer who is VERY interested in designing men's knits and hope to learn from all of your experiences. I think the current availability of designs is pretty slim, and would like to work on changing that.

    It is refreshing to be in the company of other knitters who enjoy and respect their chosen art, and I have really been happy with everything I have seen here so far. I am not here to sell myself or anything, just to see what you guys are doing and learn if I can. I look forward to it!


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Will be a while before you hear me complaining about lack of designs, I have been knitting for a year now and am still on scarves but I have have plans for my first very basic cap in the near future.  Oh, and I just taught myself the purl stitch as well.  I figure by the time I am 40 I might be trying something more grand......socks maybe?