Custom Intarsia Designs

So, I've been really fascinated by graphic knits...especially after seeing the book by the same title. But how do you make your own, I thought. I think I have found an easy way...finally!

Although I haven't knit anything by this yet, I have faith it will work. I loaded an image in PhotoShop and posterized it, which limits the number of colors. Then, I found from someone online that the ratio of knit stitches to rows is roughly 1 knit stitch to .71 row. So I stretched the image "up and down" so that when it's knit the ratio aspect is preserved. Then, I used a feature that "pixelates" the image, which clumps bits of picture together to form the individual stitches. Then after I put in a grid, you've got your self a pattern!

It's a little process, but you can easily create a pattern from any image with adjustable complexity and size without having to purchase a really expensive program! Hopefully, I'll be able to have something to show for it soon...just as soon as I learn how to knit intarsia!


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Actually i did this a few months ago, and like you discovered it one boring saturday afternoon. i took a close up or my neice that i had laying around, flipped it into photoshop and put it on knitting graph papaer. within hours i had a pillow with my neieces pic onit...i should post it..its preyy neat...ever since ive become obsessed with finiding good photos to do it with...i'm thinking abour doing the next one with colors....have you done anything with it yet> i would loveeee to see anything!!!

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I googled this after reading your post, I had never heard of it. Unfortunately there's alot of tips and hints pages but not alot of pictures. Love the idea though. Did see a tip I had never thought of, instead of using those plastic bobbins use wooden clothes pins to hold the yarn, if I ever get daring enough to try doing multiple colored pieces I'll have to give this one a go.

timgets2, would love to see the pillow!

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This is a great idea if you already have Photoshop... but as a note, I don't consider Photoshop to be an inexpensive program. Even the "Lite" version (Photoshop Elements) runs US$100, which is a bit on the steep side if all you want it for is knitting. (Admittedly, it is an awesome program if you do a lot of other digital editing.)