Intarsia? I hardly even know her! (and other stuff)

Punkfairy came up with an awesome suggestion for a knitting project: a pair of boxers or briefs. I think I shall research on making one as a hat. And wear it with Mochimochi's TP scarf ( Awesome? Yes.

Mmm. Intarsia. Sounds like a medical procedure. Or a Scandinavian meat pie. I've been wanting to try intarsia for the longest time, but really, I've been so good with keeping up with my scarf project, I don't really want to start something new again and not finish this one. This project, while not intarsia, looks very tempting:

Speaking of scarf knitting, I just started putting a stitch marker on the row of the scarf that I am about to start. A friend of mine got annoyed when I kept showing him how much I've knitted so far, and he's like "I can't even tell the difference!" It's been more gratifying to see the progress that I've made when it's time to put away the knitting. I just move the stitch marker before I start knitting again. Now, I'm like "CHOKE ON IT! That's a full inch that I just knitted, baby!"