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I am working on a scarf, and I've been ribbing the whole thing. Now that I'm about halfway done, I'm thinking that I want the first several inches to be done in garter stitch, rather than ribs. My question is this: after I've finished the whole thing, is it possible to go back and frog just the beginning, then reknit that the way I want, or will I have to stop now and frog the whole thing to make a change to the way I started?

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Well, you can continue on and finish the scarf and then VERY carefully pull stitch for stitch what you cast on; you should be able to rip back to wherever you wish, and then re-knit out to where you wish.

The best thing about garter stitch is that it's completely reverse-able and that it can be knit from both sides and VERY easy to pick up from whereever.

That's what I would do. Some might tell you to rip back and do it over, but, if you don't mind carefully pulling out what you initially cast on, you shouldn't have a problem ripping it from the beginning.


I'd just finish the thing with your garter stitch border, bind off. Then, go back to the beginning of the scarf and pick up your cast on stitches and knit your garter stitch border and bind off. No need to Frog here, I don't think.

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FInish it the way you want then come back and pick up the stitches from the cast on and finish it the way you want it, casting off the same way.