Greetings from the land of NASCAR and barbecue wars.  I'm a librarian in North Carolina who's trying to start a knitting group for teens.  The girls are responding but the guys are slow to buy in.  I'm posting a flyer with "Man Enough To Knit Strong Enough To Purl" and photos of men of various ages knitting, but I could use some suggestions.  I'm over 50.  Any ideas on what might appeal to the younger crowd?  Thanks in advance for your insights.


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Have you tried getting pictures of knit covers on iPod's, computers, etc.? Google search for "Tech Knits" or "Knitty Gritty." Also, since these are boys, show pictures of some of the (hot) girls in the group knitting. Nothing ropes the boys like the idea of lots of hot chicks he can approach to ask for help...


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"Nothing ropes the boys like the idea of lots of hot chicks he can approach to ask for help..."

Unless he is the type of boy knitter who doesn't think of girls as baby chickens...

Why not tie knitting in with a YA book display featurting knitters, or knitting themes? The new Harry Potter revealed Dumbledore as a knitter (we already knew Hermione and Hagrid as knitters). There is also a new YA fiction title (geared at girls) called "Chicks With Sticks." There are also knitting books geared specifically at the YA market, though many of them sport garish pink covers. Representation is key - you could also include pics of David Arquette and other male knitters.

Thanks for the excellent suggestions!  There are dozens of free patterns for technology cozies and a limitless supply of "hot babes knitting" photos.  Also found patterns for several Harry Potter items based on your reminder that several characters in the book knit.  I'm compiling a 3-ring binder full of freebies the kids can copy.

We'll be giving away needles, yarn, and books at our first meeting in January.  I'll let you know how it goes.