Ebay Purchase

Finally it arrived in today's mail, my latest ebay purchase. I am now the proud owner of the Hand Knits for Men pattern book. Produced in 1961, it is 47 page book with some patterns that look "fun" It has everything from the classic Mr.Roger's cardigan to the graphic sweater perfrect from skiing in St.Torpez. True beautiful retro looks.

If anyone is interested, I could sneak you a scan of the patterns for purely academic purposes.


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I love these type of pattern books! I always look for them at our knitting guild's yarn auction.

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This looks very similar to a book I bought at a thrift store a few years ago..... could possibly be the same one...... I only bought it because you don't find many books like that these days.... but I will probably never knit anything out of it.... I guess it's just a collectors item for me as I am not nearly skilled enough to knit up one of those sweaters.

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That's cool. It seems like it could be a lot of fun. I really love old/vintage stuff, especially art. The cover really intrigues me...

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love that sweater on the far left - there's something that has been lost in time with men's sweater designs (or at least I think) - I like the older stuff so much more...

congrats on the fine!




I got a copy a few years ago on Ebay as well. Did the sweater on the left in three broad stripes. I think the boat neck is so campy. The instructions are very clear in these vintage books! Have fun.

I have a moderately large collection of vintage men's patterns, they're sort of addicting! I especially love looking at ones from the 1920s and 30s.

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Yes, make use of that scanner, please - I'm green with envy! And terriby academic. Asplund


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...I'm even a Professor!!!