This time of year...

I'm just in a good mood. This is the beginning of my favorite time of year, and I'm just happy and want to tell folks.

...just to talk and share my feelings...

I LOVE this time of year. It is the knitter's paradise!

I SO want to just take the day off work just to bring my knitting bag out to the park wearing one of my own knit jackets, and sit under a colour-ful tree -- maybe a leaf or two falling right by...

...and just knit...don't care WHAT...just knit...

Oh yeah, I'm making a white twin to the gray Garter Yoke sweater that I designed and made before...not that precious lambswool from the UK, this time...yeah, it's acrylic, so, I'm knitting a plastic sweater, but, it's gonna be nice anyway.



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I was listening to a couple of people on day - and one was razzing the other about using acrylic yarn - the second turned to her and said - "Like it's much better to knit with what is essentially dead skin?" (Not that that is biologically correct, but it does give something to think about)

I liked this time of year better when people were still allowed to burn leaves. There is something about faint amounts of woodsmoke on the breeze that just says "Autumn" to me. Of course there were also the huge piles of leaves we would rake up and then jump into. and make into forts. and bury siblings in.

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I took this semester off at the university in order to come home for a Canadian autumn. The leaves are starting to turn and last night I wore a favourite sweater when I went for a walk. I totally know what you mean. Hope you call in sick and have a day to knit and knit and knit. Make a nice pot of homemade soup to go with it.