I was curious about what folks did with those shorter lengths of yarn that just weren't *quite* long enough to really do anything with....and then the lady who did the octopus pattern I posted about a while back was interviewed on Craftzine, and had a free pattern posted there that was perfect!


Sadly, I haven't had much knitting time of late with much running back and forth around the country (OKC, then Tenn, then Jersey, and just got to Madison, Wisconsin last night) but am hoping to have some more free time very shortly!


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I love these! I usually just hold on to the little bits, my kids say "throw it out" but, throw out my stash? Aren't there laws with stiff penalties for this? Isn't there a yarn police that will come to my home and take away my sticks and stash? I have to try these, but, dpns *feared*

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I'm the same way...can't throw it out!
I'm just learning the DPNs myself, and I have to say that the fear is unfounded (though understandable)...they're a bit unwieldy at first, but after that they're not so bad.


If only I was better at following patterns I'd have enjoyed doing those. As it is, I just knitted all those scraps into a rather untidy scarf which had about ten different colours and textures...I do not even know who will be the recipient of said scarf. Preferably someone with a sense of humour or someone who has no colour sense whatsoever...(grin)...

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Isn't that what people with odd senses of humour are around for??

I have to say her patterns tend to be pretty clear/easy to follow...actually, her octopus was my first "gotta follow the pattern exactly" project. (so far I've worked mostly on afghans/scarves and haven't really needed a pattern)

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Cute - I may make some as Christmas Tree ornaments - but looking at them - I wonder if you could keep going and make a hat. . . I've got this brown, tan and white variagated cotton which would probably work up looking just lake a chambered nautilus!
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Don't see why you couldn't do them as a hat...would be quite fun, actually!

That's funny, I was thinking about doing a chambered nautilus by combining the shell from this pattern with the tentacle part of the octopus one from Hansi Singh (since I don't like the floppy tentacles on the nautilus)