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Have you guys been watching pushing daises?

One of the main characters is a P.I. who knits when he is stressed. And Episode 2 featured a retractable set of needles as Deus ex Machina. (view online at

Part of me is upset that they stole all that is good from my favorite quirky French movie, Amelie - all the way down to the deadpan narrator and primary color scheme...

but things like this make up for it:

It also features two of my very favorite underrated actresses ever, Ellen Greene (from little shop of horrors) & Swoosie Kurtz.


It sounds like a good show...but alas, I got rid of TV a few years ago.

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Ditto here. With knitting (and a laptop) no need for a TV in my life.

Thank goodness I can catch up on past episodes online. I hadn't made the Amelie connection, but at that point I had only watched the first episode. It's really a great show. Do you think Emerson will share his pattern for his handgun cozy??

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Ah, but that is only if you live in the US. Not for the rest of the world!