Question for the experts! Shawls

I never managed to get past the knit/purl/casting on/binding off level.

I am looking for an easy pattern to make a shawl for my Mom. Something that will not take months....something not too airy (as I wanted it for her to wear around the house when she is cold - she is 81)...and not too complicated (heck, I do not know inc and dec!).

Any ideas for me?

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very hesitant to claim "expert" status - but always willing to sling my opinions about.

luckily the "knit purl cast on cast off" level is about all there is. *grin* Add in YO (which isn't rocket science) and decreases (again, not rocket science) and you have ALL the essentials. The rest is just how you combine them.

I you want to avoid shaping - I would suggest a generous stole (rectangular) long enough so that it will more or less hold itself on the body, wide enough to give good coverage (18 to 24 inches - wide - probably 6 to 7 foot in length).

Personally - I would go with a fingering or light sport weight; superwash to make care easier on your Mom.

the scarf pattern RonHuber posted here would be a nice pattern. It is a simple enough lace that you could even (probably) use a variageted yarn and have it look nice. YOu *might* depending on your gauge want to go with a slightly smaller needle to close the lace up a bit - but (as I said elsewhere) it is amazing how warm lace can be!

or - there are several other patterns that aren't difficult that I can point you to.

BTW - another reason I suggested the stole shape is that triangular and other shapes are notorious for slipping off the body. A major exception to this is the faroese style - but that style does involve some more complicated shaping., both to get the basic triangular form and the additional shaping that makes it stay on.

I'm sure others will be by in a bit to add their ionions and suggestions.

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Okay - I did just spot the bit where you said you don't know increases or decreases yet. They are not difficult and I still think that Ron's pattern would be a good one for you. However. . .

If you want to avoid learning something new for this, an even simpler stole would be an irregular rib - worked on needles several sizes larger then you normally would for the yarn weight. The larger needles will make it a looser more open fabric, the texture will give interest, and you wouldn't have to learn anything new.

A garter stitch border to avoid curling - then say k2, p2, k4, p2, k2, p4, k2, p2 - (or some such pattern) repeated across the stole....

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Here is a shawl that is extremely is a pattern that many churches use to make "prayer shawls" knits up fast, is quite warm, machine washable, and very inexpensive for a first shawl!

3 skiens of Lion brand homespun
size 13 needles
Cast on 60 stitches and garter stitch until you run out of yarn!
If you want fringe, cut 12" lengths of yarn (120 or so) before you use the last skein and them put on the fringe after completion.

(If you want a little more texture you can use a pattern of knit three, purl three and reverse every two or three rows.)

Good luck, have fun and knit on!

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Good advice in the above comments. I can't add to that.

Thank you for all your help! I am debating which way to go...triangle or rectangle. Maybe I have it in me to do it with yo and such (mildly simple stuff). Maybe I need to graduate!!

I think just doing knit and purl stuff was boring me can have only so many scarves.