T.G.I.F. aka Would You Like Cheese With That Whine?

This has been my worst week ever for knitting. To help keep me from getting bored and in the event of a problem with one project, something else to focus on when I get frustrated, I usually have 4-5 projects on the sticks . Right now I have 4 projects on the sticks, 2 scarves, Fingerless mittens, and the Heirloom aran sweater from knitpicks.
I started on the sweater as always, this sweater has been a real pain because I have found many mistakes in the pattern and have had to totally rip the it out no less than 8 times and rewrite the pattern almost completely. The mistake on the sweater this time was mine, but no less painful so I ripped it back to the mistake and set it aside.
Next the two scarves came out, the first one I realized that my daughter stole the yarn I was using for it so I have to buy more. The second I started knitting on and before I knew it I was on a roll, watching tv and knitting away. Until I realized that I was no longer doing the elongated brick pattern and just straight knitting it. Frog about 15". Set aside.
So out comes the fingerless mittens. This is a project that I can't wait to finish. Not only is it getting cold, but I bought this wonderfully soft 100% merino from knitpicks that I just love the feel of in my hands while I'm working with it. It's almost sensual. I'm knitting both at the same time hoping they'll come out the same length. I had knitted about 3" and as I'm going along I notice a badly frayed spot in the yarn, I clipped it, joined the yarn and kept going. 2 rows later on the other ball I notice another spot. clip, join, continue. After I get to the 3 fray I decide to pull the yarn out of it's ball a ways and check it. There are many of these frayed spots, in one length of about 3 feet, I find about 16 of these. So I set it aside and decide to call knitpicks.
I called them this morning, and find out that the yarn 'memories' is no longer made and they make no yarn in finger weight that is 100% merino *cries* The woman was very nice, and she helped me find a replacement and they are sending me 2 skiens free of charge to replace the ones I have.
So altho this week has been my own personal version of hell, there was a pretty little Tuscany varigated rainbow at the end of it all.
Hope you all have a good weekend and sorry about the long winded whine.