Knitting and Modern Dance

I have just returned from a performance by the Sydney Dance Company. It's a fantastic production called 'Berlin' and takes place in an air raid shelter in the last days before Berlin fell to the Allies in WWII. Throughout the performance all the various people sheltering in the bunker interacted/danced together - with one exception, a lady who sat at the side of the stage knitting. She knitted throughout the whole performance including when the company took their bows. Only at the last minute was she invited to stand and took a hesitant bow. I couldn't help but notice that an accomplished knitter she wasn't with each stitch requiring considerable concentration and executed with the dexterity of a learner knitter (believe me I know all about that!!). And she obviously wasn't using the continental knitting technique. That got me thinking later, do knitters in Germany use the continental technique where, I seem to recall, one needle is basically held under the arm?


Hmmmmmmm, I don't know about "under the arm," but I know a German woman who knits and she's definitely into continental knitting. My mother-in-law learned from her mother who learned from her mother who was from Germany, so I would have to assume that yes, in Germany, they knit continental.