NEW Interweave Knits Holiday CAME OUT!

Hi Everybody~~
I just let you know, NEW Interweave Knit "Holiday Gift" came out this week!
You can see pic on the green color cover of the page. I like everything in the Holiday Gift issue and all the patterns are great! Every patterns are great, not a single pattern are horrible(I mean ugly) Truthfuly, I what to knit everything in this new issue really bad!
If youguys didn't start any holiday gift,... This issue will be great for gift such as hat, socks, sweather and other kids toy!

Project in this Holiday Gift are:

"Needle-Felted Messnger Bag" by Leigh Radford
"Sweetheart Socks" by Chrissy Gardiner
Socks For VERONLK" by Mona Schmidt
"Little GEM Mitts" by Donna Kay
"Annetrelac Sock" by Sandy Beadle
"Big And Little Ski Sweaters" by Donna Druchunas and Debbie O'Neill
"Twisted Stitch Gauntlets" by Deborah Newton
"Koolhaas Hat" by Great guy designer "Jared Food"
"Elliott the Dragon" by Jil Eaton
"Classic Teddy Bear" by Mary Ann Gebhardt
December Lights Tam" by Mary Jane Mucklestone
"Dragon-Skin Warp" by Angela Hahn
"Garter Mug Cozies" by Catht Carron
"Fireside Stocking" by Kate Gilbert

See more Picture PATTARN AND PROJECT on my blog:
Go over to bookstore buy some Interwave Knit "Hoilday Gifts" Issue and knit some great hoilday gifts!


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