How Do You Masculin-ize Knitting and Other Yarn Crafts?

Let's face it, women have taken knitting away from the men. Men can be credited with starting up knitting, but the women ran with it. Majority of the interesting projects available are either feminine (shawls, bags, lace work), or unisex (afghans, scarves, beanies), but not entirely masculine. The tools are colorful and pretty and arguably feminine. There are cute tools, that are awesome for kids.

I, for one, would love to have needles that are less colorful. Plain black needles, or maybe stainless steel. Can you imagine? Owning a set of stainless steel (or just silver colored graphite) needles and laser etched with the size, in a handsome leather pouch?

Short of making junk warmers, what would you do to make knitting and other yarn crafts more masculine? Do you know of any tools that are masculine?

Not that it would stop me from knitting, of course, but with the resurgence of men knitters, you'd think they'd try to repackage and market the tools to target men.

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Maybe you just fell into a business idea for yourself! :-)

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Leather... needle cases are plaid silk inside...and leather outside.
...I'm working on some with nylon screen pockets...because I don't like clear vinyl...
I've been turning rosewood circular on this site somewhere...LOL

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I've been trying to figure this out for my fiance who also knits. He's not real keen on the tools out there for knitting. He'd like something that's more masculine. We did get him a backpack to carry supplies with him in. But he says that he really doesn't care what people think, it would just be nice to have some stuff that's more guy like.

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My method is to make my own manly designs. You could do the same by designing your own stuff! The more there is out there, the more of a market there will be for manly products. I don't have trouble finding plain needles....I don't have any that are all that colorful, except for the old ones from my grandma. But no matter how you slice it, knitting a lace shawl probably doesn't look all that "manly" (whatever that is anyway), we might just have to accept that :).

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I like the idea of the whole backpack -- and/or leather pouch for needles...

...and the newer types of needles are starting to be seen in very neutral colours, too...which is good.

Can you imagine??? A nice leather pouch tooled with the Patriots logo or Red cool!!!


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I don't worry about it. If I have a choice of colours in my needles I choose the one that will give the best contrast with the normal range of yarns I use; I use a knitting bad that I like and is handy to carry. I knit what I want where I want.
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I don't think a knitting is either masculine or feminine, rather it is a creative expression of your inner soul, or the creation of a pattern that you happen to buy or create. Knitting today is a hobby, but it was a necessity to create clothing for our ancestors. I love knitting because it gives me the opportunity of self expression and to connect with all of you and my past as well.

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I think that's one reason I like the Options needles. Nice shiny nickel needles. While I have a large bag to store most of my tools, (orange Eagle bag), I carry my current project and tools for it in a nice Duckhead canvas backpack.

The way I see it, if I'm doing it then it's masculine and don't much care what anyone else thinks.

I agree it would be nice if someone would market more knitting related stuff for men. I think it would be a line that would sell well.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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That's right, making a leather pouch for yourself shouldn't be too hard. Take a long rectangle of leather and double it up, sew the edges together and that should be it... Obviously, I don't know what the needle market looks like in the States or in New Zealand but knitting needles are practically invariably in stainless steel or aluminium over here. Maybe time to fly over to Europe? ;-)

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Well those shiney nickle plated options needles are pretty manly. Just think of them as miniature exhaust pipes on a Harley!


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