Walker Treasury Project

Has anyone done anything with the Walker Treasury Project? http://thewalkertreasury.wordpress.com/ They're trying to get people to knit all the patterns in the Walker Treasuries of Knitting Patterns and post color photographs of the swatches online. I thought it was a fun way to try some different patterns without committing to a whole project. I volunteered to knit a couple of different patterns but I'm having trouble getting good enough pictures to post.



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I take terrible pictures - so you may not want to take this advice - though it is what people tell me would improve my pictures.

a) good strong lighting
b) contrasting background - especially if is a lace pattern
c) angle the light to create shadows if the pattern has a texture

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Another option is to make your own lightbox. (I'm far too lazy, personally, but you can get much better pictures without much expense.)

There are tutorials online if you look, but the basic idea is to get a large cardboard box, totally remove one side (the side from which you will take the picture), and remove all but thin strips on the other three sides. Then put white paper over the openings, and shine a bright light onto the paper from the outside. You should get a nice strong but diffused light on the inside of the box.

Hmmmm... that is probably not enough detail. Here is an example tutorial, though it uses fabric instead of paper: Light Tent Tutorial

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My roomie is a professional photographer, he advises taking picture outdoors whenever possible early in the day, or in the evening before sunset. He also had a half a million other tips that I kind of drowned out when he got long winded :/ one I did pick up, if you're using a camera with a built in flash, tape a piece of white paper over it to diffuse the light so it's not so harsh.

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