Honorable Ravenclaw House Scarf (WIP)

I am a Harry Potter Fan, and most likely because of the Houses. I know I would have enjoyed being in such a school. So I love the idea of making my own House Scarf with the quality of yarn that I want. I am making two versions of the scarf one with dark blue and grey and the other with dark blue and copper. I am using US size 8; 5mm and I see that they are the perfect size for the kind of tension that I want, I am using the travelling Joggless Stripe Technique and it is coming out fantastic, a Big improvement from the last time. Thanks for stopping by I am including the link here --->Prisoner of Azkaban Style Knit Scarf Pattern


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I'I'm looking forward to seeing the blue and copper version - I've always thought the movie decision to go to blue and grey was a copout.
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I'd like to see the blue/copper version, too. I tested into Ravenclaw on an online quiz and have thought about making my own house scarf in Shetland yarn.

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