Free patterns online (Garnstudio)

Came across a site that offers lots of free patterns apart from patterns for sale:
I don't think everything's translated into English, but quite a lot. Enjoy!

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Love these patterns! gah! must knit faster, coffee! knit! wash, rinse, repeat. *sigh* I'll sleep when I'm dead.

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I love your sense of humour, BuduR! Asplund

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Fantastic site! There are a lot more translated then there used to be. And a lot of variety!
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I'm in love.


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Thanks for the pointing out this site.....there are too many patterns to choose from.....I love it!!!

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Just so you know Asplund, your post has ruined me! I spend at least 2 hours every day on the site you posted. Going through trying to find suitable yarns for this and that. wondering if there is a way to extent my life expectancy by about 40 years so I can just knit everything! so many patterns, so little time :(
I'd like to thank all the men on this site for being my enablers!

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Is that "enablers" or "pushers"?

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I won't consider you pushers until I start meeting you in the shadier parts of town and exchanging "the good stuff" (I know you got what I NEEEEEEED baby, I'll do anything for ya!) for cash, baked goods or anything else you'll take in exchange, while I'm spending the days on the docks strutting my stuff and selling my scarves for cheap to drunken sailors just off the boat.

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