Finished Scarf

I finished this 3 days ago and finally got some pics taken. I haven't measured it and I'm not quite satisfied with the fringe (one of my very weak points). But the recipient is overjoyed with it and now wants a hat to match..........


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What a great scarf!! Looks warm and cozy to me.

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I love the way the yarn happens to zigzag. Quite attractive. Good work.

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Great pattern, I too like the zig-zag.

I think that fringe would look great if it was shorter. But this is coming from a guy who is CONSTANTLY dipping the ends of scarves into bowls of soup. :-)

Great Job.


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If the recipient likes it leave it alone. I am a fringe crazy guy, so I tend to do a lot morre and make them long, so I comprise with myself and go every other stitch. I find it very elegant. 3 inch fringe is quite becoming. It looks very nice.

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Love the scarf, what yarn is that? I'm with Tom, love the zigzags!

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