I've gone and done it again...

If I don't have enough projects that I'm working on, I've begun learning a new (new to me) technique.

For some reason, I've always been extremely apprehensive about Illusion/Shadow knitting.

'don't ask why...please, I couldn't tell you why, since I do love doing lovely Fair Isle stuff and the sort, with so many MORE colours, rather than just two...so, it's not that I would have anything against knitting with two colours (or more)

...I didn't realise it's actually as easy as it is -- maybe it's because I don't care to purl that much, that I've just passed on the whole technique.

So, here I go, learning something new to me. Wish me luck, and I'll send off snapshots after I have something worth showing.



steve_c's picture

Shadow Knitting is great. I recently went on a three day "camp" (own room with ensuite style camping) with members of a knitters guild that I belong to (yes, 47 women and me). One of the workshops was on shadow knitting. It is very effective and easy. You do have to concentrate a bit - but not to the point where it'll bring on a migrain! I bought a great book 'Shadow Knitting' by Vivian Hoxbro which has some great ideas in it. Good luck with it.