Afghan for Aliana

Finished Size: 42"x56". Granny squares make up this simple afghan for a friend's newborn. I wanted to explore other color options besides the usual pastels. I call this the Mint Chip blanket.

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TomH's picture

Great color choices. A nice break from the traditional "baby" colors.

MMario's picture

Are there two shades of the green or is that just lighting?

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Hey MMario, I chose an aqua color (Lyon Brand-Pound of Love-Pastel Green:550-156), a crisp white (Lyon Brand-Pound of Love-Crisp White:550-100); and a dark brown (Red Heart Super Saver-Coffee:365). It's crocheted using the granny square stitch and the pieced together with the white yarn.

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What html code did you use to create the alternating photo?