"Business" venture

I'm stoked! Last Christmas (barely half a year after I started knitting), I gave my mom a scarf I'd made. She told me a friend of hers saw her wearing it at church one day and came all the way across the auditorium just to inquire as to where she got the scarf. My mom told her I'd made it for her, and she suggested I try selling them next year (this year). So all year long, I knitted and knitted without really thinking of who I was knitting for.

So a few weeks ago, I noticed that there was this new, locally owned coffeeshop/boba tea/pastry place called Dragonfly, so I had to go in. (I have an obsession with dragonflies...) In any case, I'd mentioned to them how my mom had suggested selling my scarves back home and how I'd made up a "business" name called Dragonfly's Wing. They thought that was fun, but ultimately, they asked me if they could see some of my work. So I showed it to them, and they went BONKERS. What's more is that when I told them how I'd expected to price them back home, they told me I was WAY undercharging. Soooooooooooo... they just put all of my scarves and hats up in their store for sale! I've attached the logo my friend designed.

I just had to share! I think a lot of it is thanx to you guys...keeping me motivated and encouraged, for sure! Now if I could just get this damned wrist tendonitis under control so I can start knitting stuff for ME again. LOL


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Congratulations! Sounds like an awesome opportunity. Lots of luck! I recently left my 'real' job and I'm trying to figure out a way to eke out a living in the fiber world.

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good luck! I don't think I'd ever be cut out to make a living in the fiber world. LOL I'm not nearly patient enough. ;-) I'm content selling a few scarves. Heh.

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Joshua CEO .....got a nice ring to it. That's a great story!! Bet your mum was stoked that the lady went out of her way to comment on her scarf AND she could boast about her son as well!! Love the logo too. Well done!

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That's really awesome!! Good luck with your new venture. I'm sure that your pieces will just fly off the shelves ^_^

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Definately keep us all updated.

I so wish I could re-live my childhood when the family had the Craft And Yarn Shop.

What better part of Heaven could you find by spending the entire day surrounded with yarn and needles and knitting away like mad!

Good luck with everything!


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Congratulations! Maybe your example will get me off my duff and make me go down the road to the local resort/Inn to see about placing some shawls in their gift shop.

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What a cool story. I wish you all the best.

That is so great. Sounds like you found the perfect place to market them--and making you re-price because you were selling yourself too cheap. This is the best time of year to sell knit goods too. Best of luck. Ever try those knitting fingerless elastic gloves? They help my right wrist. You need to take longer breaks between knitting and get some exercises to relieve the strain.

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BTW- I don't know if you do fingerless gloves or not - but I have a friend that hasn't been able to knit them fast enough - she sells them through her Mom's tapestry shop which is only open weekends. And this has been during a warmer then usual september and october!

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MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I love dragonflies too....and wish you great success and happiness!

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Good Luck! It's always nice when you can make a little money doing something you enjoy :)

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Best wishes to you in the new venture!

Congratulations! I am really pleased for you...

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Congrats. So maybe I should knit and knit for a year and get enough things together to then try to sell. I've been trying to figure out how give up the "real" job... gives me hope. Good for you. I really like the logo and the business name.