Finally! (II)

Humpff... Now I actually had the time to upload the damn thing, I choose the wrong asset... Anyway, what I really wanted to say was:

All it took was a road trip to Italy and back. There sure are worse ways to knit a scarf! It took me longer to find the time to upload the crappy picture ;-)


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I love the colours in your yarn, it has a nice sheen. What yarn is it?

Lucky you being in Italy. What's the weather like at this time of the year?

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Oops, 1st time in weeks, what do I say, in months that I found time to spend on MWK.

Yarn is a worsted merino lambswool from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise in the colour Tiefer See. It's really warm, but I don't think I'll make more in this quality, I prefer the less bulky yarn with more drape ;-)

Italy was beautiful and we saw a couple of "new" cities such as Verona, Modena and Portofino. Not much luck with the weather though: rain halfway the journey! But as it was in practically the same in the whole of Europe, we didn't take it personally ;-)

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Ditto. Love the blues/greens. Congrats on a fine project.

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Grats! I just got my yarn today, can't wait to get it started, Yours is beautiful, love those colors.

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