First pictures...

...with my very first illusion knitting piece. I figured I would do some kind of simple design like a diamond or a heart just to begin.

Attached is what I have so far.

It's a LOT easier than I thought when I was first looking through all sorts of patterns and how-to articles and such..., I went to Wikipedia and lo and behold, there was what I needed in plain and simple terms.


It's not done yet, but, at least, here's a bit of progress.


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I'm glad to hear that it is not that difficult. It is very impressive. I have read so much about it so it is nice to see your lovely piece of work.

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I think it's very cool.

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I want to try this too, my son got a look at the dark mark scarf from one of the links, and now he wants it, I might attempt it for him for xmas since you dared to go there and found it easier than it looks. It looks great. Pics when it's finished please!

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Very nice! Wikipedia is a beautiful thing. What kind of yarn are you using?

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For this, I'm just using up some of what I have left over from a couple of pound skeins of plain ol' Wal-Mart brand "Mainstays" red and white...