Choices - knitting or Kids?

Didn't get much knitting done yesterday - and I don't know why I feel guilty about it. It wasn't a hard choice to tell the truth - I could have gone home and knit - or I could spend the evening as I did;

Dinner with my niece, her husband and three daughters - who are my god-daughters as well as my great-nieces. However, I gotta tell you:

1) it is impossible to knit with a 3 month old in one arm, a 22 month old in the other and between 2 and 4 kittens wandering around your legs,lap,shoulders, etc.

2) It's also impossible to knit while reading to the 5 year old and fending off the labra-poo that (mistakenly) thinks he is a lap dog.

I wouldn't trade 'em for nuthin' , tho. (Well - maybe a liftime supply of qiviut. . . On second thought, nope. not even that.)


If you don't feel guilty then I'd say you have the balance just about right.

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I'd say there is no reason to feel guilty at all. Family is a precious thing that should be treasured.

Trust me... as a single man that lives 500 miles or more from his nearest relative, I would love to be distracted from knitting by a family get together.

Enjoy the little kids while they're still little. It sounds like such a cliche, but it's true. They really do grow up fast, especially if they don't live with you. The part I don't get, is the kittens. Don't you believe in garbage disposals? Just kidding about the kittens . . .


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You are certainly traveling a positive, rewarding path with those kids......and your knitting! It took me about a second to put down my knitting this morning and spend some time with my 6 mo. old granddaughter, 2 year old grandpuppy and another 6 mo. little boy!
I was even knitting for her when the opportunity came........the time was well spent to bond and there was absolutely no guilt upon leaving her tired and fussy with her mother!

Knit on..........when the kids are fast asleep!

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What exquisite choises ;-)

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Well, y'can't get much knitting done while everything else is getting done.

...the visit sounds like it was a splendid one, nonetheless.


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Does it make me a bad person that I'd choose knitting over children any day? LOL I am not a big fan of children....I guess it's good that I own up to that. It could be worse. I could dislike kids but force myself to have them or be around them all the time... Meh. As long as you enjoyed it, that's the point!

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As a cat lover who may not have cats where I live, I'd envy you the kittens...and the children, come to think of it!
I do remember once rehearsing a cello and violin duet with a friend - he was the violinist. Three kittens on my legs as I was playing the cello; one gets up to pat at the cello bow tentatively, and then thinks nothing of it and curls up on the violinist's lap as he is playing...
The cats always helped me knit...however, they disdained chasing yarn for the more leisurely pursuit of curling up and snoozing on the yarn and then looking highly indignantly at me if I even tried to access any of the yarn on which they were sitting...