Yeah!! Men Who Knit!

Not too long ago, I ventured out of the "big city" (Chicago) and relocated to McHenry. Not exactly the hustle and bustle that I was used to... but falling in love and being able to actually see stars in the sky at night were huge incentives. Along the way, I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit. Mom used to say that hobbies keep men out of the bars... and since I am not much of a drinker, I decided to give a nod to Mom (an avid knitter who passed away in Jan 2005) and learn how to knit.

I signed up for "Knitting 101" (scarf) and "Knitting 102" (hat) with Parks & Recreation then raided my late Mother's stash of yarn. Mom was a thrifty woman... lots of Red Heart! I didn't care. I was just learning and certainly didn't know any better. My knitting instructor, Rhonda, was THRILLED (and that is putting it mildly) to have a man in class. She said that having a guy in the class changes the dynamics and seems to make everyone take the learning to heart. By the time I returned from my first class, I had already started another 3 projects on my own!

Here is a pic of my humble stockinette scarf... which will be a gift for my niece, Mackenzie.


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Welcome to MWK. Good luck with the new environment, the new love and the new hobby (seems an inadequate word once the knitting bug has bitten you). You're mum would be proud.

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Welcome! It's more of a passion than a mere hobby. There are far more men who knit than you may imagine. More of us need to KIP. I'm a trucker and knit in truckstops and bars all over the country. Get out there and proudly knit in public as I am getting tired of people telling me I'm the first guy they've seen knitting. LOL

Great looking scarf.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Welcome! Stars and love are wonderful incentives to relocate! and having a man in a class does change the dymamics, because most women tend to think that any form of needle or textile art was invented by a woman, they dont' want to be shown up by a man! hahaha

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