Knitting 102 - The Hat

Here is my first attempt at a simple hat. Done on two sets of Size 8 circular needles. I added the stripes and changed to a seed stitch for a bit of texture and interest...however, I learned that knitting "in the round" on circular needles is slightly different than doing flat pieces with straight needles. Case in point... look closely at the seed stich: it is slanted to the left! My teacher did tell me that the work would slant if I did my knitting as I was accustomed to doing it. So, for the majority of the hat (stockinette stitches) I did it her way. But for the seed stitch, I fell back into my old way of doing the knit stitch. I was doing my knit stitches by taking my right needle and going behind the left needle, picking up the back of the stitch as I do in flat/straight needle knitting. WRONG! I learned that in order to keep the pattern straight (as with my stockinette stitches) I needed to take my right needle and enter the stitch to be knitted from the front side of the left needle (left to right and behind) so that all the stitches line up nicely.


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The way you were kniting is called a twisted knit because when you knit in the back of the loop it twists the stitch.


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So, it's not necessarily a "mistake" but a design element??

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Bingo! You've got it. I only figure it is a "mistake" if

a) it displeases me
b) it makes the fabric unravel.

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I was told this when I first started knitting and I believe in it! Do it once it's a mistake, Do it more than twice and it's a PATTERN!

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