Selbu Mittens

Soon it's Christmas and these Selbu Mittens are knitted with yarn that I dyed with natural plants this summer. I haven't been so much on this blog.... but I hope to improve:)

Hugs from Lars;)


With mittens and dyes like those, I do hope you do indeed go more on this blog!!!

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The mittens are enchanting. Are the patterns traditional? What weight of wool did you use? Sorry about the questions, but I would love to knit some of these. They are beautiful.

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Magnificent work!

I certainly feel happy for the lucky hands that will wear THOSE this Winter!


I love the patterns and the colour combinations. Tell us more about pattern and yarn, please.

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Vad vackra - speciellt gillar jag tummarna!

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WOW! And that about says it all.

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