The White Plastic Twin

Well, as I promised, I'm putting up a picture of the finished white acrylic version of "The Garter Yoke" sweater that I designed.

It's definately one for the next book. I have become very fond of this design.

Kevin ended up wearing it to work on Friday. I got the yarn from one of his co-workers that was just unloading some of her stash. The sweater got all sorts of oooohs and aaaahhhs from all of the women, but, the very one that I would have loved to have seen it decided to take Friday OFF -- the one that donated to the making of the thing. So, he's going to use the excuse to wear it to work again in short time.

...I have a feeling he's going to inherit this one. He likes it a LOT. It's not often he's really bugged me and begged me to have one particular article that I've knit; the green hat, this sweater -- 'bout it really. So, I guess he can have it.



Is this knitted in the round? Have you had it published elsewhere? I'm sure I've seen this in another post, but I don't remember where.

rjcb3's picture

It's both styles.

Actually, it's going to be published in my second book.