Horizontal Vest

This is also from the yarn given to me from Kevin's co-worker.

It's an easy enough design to figure out, but, I finally put it on paper and graphed it out, and it's also going into the second book.

I call it the "Horizontal Vest" only because that's the direction of the garter stitch ridges.

...simple I-Cord binding 'round.

He already brought THAT to work to show everyone. Didn't wear it, though. It was in the 70s (F) that day.

'figured I would show it off nonetheless.



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A lovely piece of knitting. So simple and elegant. I particularly like vests because they keep you warm where you need it. AND they are decorative. I really like to see your work and thanks for sharing.

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Robert...is your first book available to us???

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Yes, actually.


I have a few other things up there, too, some Classical music CDs and such that I've done, but, the book, itself is called "The Garter Stitch"

It's a basic design book -- templates to base designing.


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I ordered it...unfortunately the system wouldn't allow me to buy more than one thing at a time...so I'll try again later...

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I will second the inquiry for your book! Please share with us when it will be available and how to purchase!


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Ditto on the simple and elegant (although simplicitiy is the essence of elegance, so we repeat ourselves). Do you do color work ala
Kaffee Fassett?