Welcome to Ravelry

I just got into Ravelry and wanted to let you guys Know! Fun place to be!
I joined the men who knit group there and others. I will look you up! It took about a month or so to get in!

My nickname is CraftyAndy woo hoo!


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Andres...many of us are there...

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For those of us who aren't there yet... it's going to be a while! 13,000+ on the waiting list to join at this point!!

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I just received my invitation this week and enrolled!


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I'm there - but can only access it from home on my dial-up ; which has major problems handling the site. Not quite as bad as MySpace or YouTube - but I am *so* glad to have places like this which don't depend on high speed connections and the latest toys to work.
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Achhh... you got in..?!? I'm on the waiting list (I presume) :-(

Oh well.
Grace and Peace,

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Also, check your 'Junk Mail' mailbox. My first invite when there. I love the cross-referencing within the site on the yarns and projects.

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I'm in and joined the Men Who Knit group last night.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste