The New Scarf

Here is what I have been able to accomplish on the new scarf this weekend. I am doing a modified version of the "Ruffled Roses Scarf" by Annie Modesitt (I am leaving off the ruffled fabric).

A few musings...

1) I love the beautiful Merino Wool from Malabrigo Yarn. (That was another posting.) However, I am just not liking the varigated look with this lacey pattern! It seems that the pattern itself begs for a nice solid to show it off. Oh well... next time!

2) Colors... I swear this yarn had lovely hues of navy and gold as the predominant features when I bought it. While the color does fluxuate depending upon lighting, etc... all I seem to see now is an orange and black pallete with sprinkles of olive green! The "Army of One on Halloween in Lace" Scarf?

3) I am looking forward to Christmas being over. No more scarves! No more knitting for gifts. I want to tackle knitting something for myself... my first sweater. Something with lots of different cables and new stitches to learn! Any suggestions?? (Size XXL)

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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I like it, although I do agree, the pattern does seem to beg for a solid color or a maybe varigations of the same color.
I am just starting on my first cabled sweater, I'm doing the Heirloom Aran Sweater from Knitpicks.
My best advice, go for something a bit simplier. This patter is kicking my butt, and with the mistakes in the pattern itself is taking me forever to complete. Knitpicks is a good place to look around for some good quality yarn at good prices and they have some nice Designer Exclusive patterns that you can buy and download for only $1.29.
I wish I were so brave! I knitted scarves for a whole year before I attempted something else out of pure boredom.

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Thanks! I was actually on KnitPicks earlier this evening!! (Sadly, looking at scarf patterns for more Christmas presents.) I suppose that adjusting a pattern to accomodate my XXL body is just a matter of doing a guage swatch and then some math, huh? Math is HARD!

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Math is hard...but there are some patterns available in larger sizes...
...or you can learn the Zimmerman Percentage System....and plug in the cables you want to knit...

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there's quite a few books out there on designing your own cabled sweater. remember sweaters are basically just a couple of big rectangles sewn together. shouldn't be too difficult to adjust the patterns to make them bigger. (Oh listen to me! see what these men have done, I'm coming out of my comfort zone) I'm off to make tea and go to my happy place to contemplate these events.


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if the multicolour bothers might practice your dyeing skills... and overdye it. will mute the contrast.

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Bill - I would be so afraid of screwing up the most expensive yarn I have yet to purchase! I'll get over it and my sister-in-law will love it. But, I really do need to attend to color vs. texture with the pattern choices I make. It's still all new for me and I am white-caning my way. However, I must say, I have learned much more from all of you guys in such a short time...!

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The varigated look may be a bit distracting to some, but what especially stands out is your even and consistent tension! Such a straightforward and consistent tension allows the pattern to really shine and show through.

There are a few very good generic books available for designing and assembling individual simple patterns, as well as a few CDs that will do much of the work for you. Let me know of your interest and I can share the titles with you.

Remember, patience is a good friend!

Knit on,

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I disagree about the stitch pattern and the variagated colors clashing- it is inspired and beautiful! Don't let yourself get suck in the box. Check out Kaffee Fassett online and fall in love with color.

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While it might not be my first choice for the lace pattern - I kinda like the way the lace and the variagation are combining to give that wavy look - which is then cut across by the V's of eyelets.

Regarding the xxl sweater - there are some web-based sweater calculators out there - you plug in your guage and dimensions and it comes back with directions and yarn amounts

As far as Christmas being over - CHEAT! Pick scarf patterns that allow you to practice cables or textures you'd like to see in your sweater.

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