Rainy Weekend=Lots of Kitting

we had over 6 inches of rain last weekend, that rain afforded me the the entire weekend to sit and knit, I finished a felting project, well actually I got the knitted project felted now I need to find the "perfect" hadnles for it. I dabble in basket weaving also and some of theose web sites have handles, leather,bamboo,acrylic,hemp etc...


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You'll have to show us a picture - I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see your project (I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess it's a bag of some sort...). It started raining here (northern nevada) this afternoon. Shucks, it looks like I'll just have to stay in and knit, while maybe squeezing in some monday night football and studying for my spanish test.

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as soon as I get my handles for my tote I will post the finished pics. Looks like a very chilly but beautiful place in your picture, where is it?

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I second the request for photos! I love seeing other peoples creativity at work! It inspires me. Go for it, Lisa!!

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thanks for your positive comments! I have a web-site with pictures I've taken....I've got to look up the web address, I'll sen you the link. I love photography, being outdoors, admiring nature and all that good stuff....

I love rainy days...not enough of them here!

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Is that glass painting?
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Hi, the picture you aske about is acrylic paint on a window pane, I had several windows that the neighbors were throwing away (one's junk is anothers treasure) and I've always enjoyed one-stroke painting, the technique is taught by Donna Dewberry. its very easy and I love it.