Tree Of Life

Am thinking of knitting the afghan I have posted the picture of. It's a fun pattern, and it would definitely be a big change of pace for me, this so-far-scarf-and-hat-only-knitter. :-) I wouldn't use the Fisherman shade like they suggest, though, because I find it to be a bit too bland for my tastes. I would use the Woods print:

Wish me luck, should I decide to make a pass at it!


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Go for it!!!!! However, do one pattern repeat in your colour to make sure it shows up. Good luck.

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I love the tree of life pattern, and yeah what Ron said, do a pattern repeat. I love that woods woods print, I just bought a bunch of these because they were on sale :p Where did you get this pattern?

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It's actually a pattern that Lion Brand sells for $3.95. I haven't bought it yet. I've had multiple people inform me of the possible sketchiness of using a patterned yarn, so I will definitely be doing a sample with the woods before committing to doing the whole thing with it. Thanx to everyone for the tip.

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well dont' forget to show us how it looks, wanna see! I have like 20 skeins of that woods yarn, I got it on sale for $1 a skein when a shop close to my home closed. I have to find something to do with it

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YOU CAN DO IT! LOL. I think it's a great pattern man. DO IT!

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It looks like it could be a fun pattern to try. I say go for it!! Good luck ^_^

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Good Luck, should be fun to tackle this project.


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That looks beautiful!

Is it one that's knit in the round and cut?


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Lord, what's that bit about great minds thinking alike...??

I just added that pattern to my Ravelry queue for a 'future must make'...

I'm currently involved in doing the Great American Aran Afghan project which will probably take me well into next summer to complete. But I have a hunch this Tree of Life afghan is going to be next on the major-project needles.

And I, too, am interested in how the Woods color works out. I just bought a couple of skeins of that to do some socks (winter home wear only...I don't think I'd wanna be caught dead wearing socks made of that color in public...though who knows, they may come out to be fashionably trendy...), but never thought of the color for a large project.

I'd re-emphasize what some of the others have said: do a pattern swatch. I know from past cable projects (and these raised patterns are similar to cables) that color shadings can tend to camouflage the lines of the pattern, making the cables (or pattern) less distinct, less 'poppy' (as in 'popping out').

But who knows, it may work beautifully in which case I will bow in humble adoration of your color choice...and then copy you shamelessly!!!! (grin!)

It is beautiful. I will be curious about your progress and thoughts.

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I like! I like! - it looks very Tolkeinesque to me (kind of like the doors to Moria...)

Good luck with your project, keep us posted.