Knitting at the movies???


My wife and I are planning to see Harry Potter in the cheap theater this afternoon, and I said I wanted to go home to get my knitting, but she's forbidding me!!!

We've already seen the movie on the day it came out, and we're going to buy it as soon as the dvd comes out, so it's not like I have to pay attention to every detail. Anyway, it seemed like it would be great fun to see HP on the big screen and knit a scarf or hat.

What do you think? Can you bring knitting to the movies? Would it be ok for this? She got a bunch of non-knitting girls to say that it isn't allowed, but I'm not willing for that to be the last word.



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Two points: 1. click click click click...... maybe not the sound other theatergoers want to hear.

2. do you normally knit in the dark?

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Carry your knitting in a nice bag or something. Knit while the little advertising slideshow is going on. Knit during the previews.

...then BAG IT for the feature...

...then when the houselights come up during the credits, knit while everyone else leaves; that way you not only beat the crowd, but, you get a few stitches and rows and rounds done, as well as please everyone around you, including yourself.

It's all give and take.


It is allowed - but only with wooden needles!

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how would anyone but you and the person(s) you're with know if you're knitting with anything besides wooden needles? i bring a messenger bag almost EVERYWHERE i go....and 98% of the time, i have 2 knitting projects with me. and if i'm going to the movies, i sneak my own snacks and drinks in.....why pay an extra $12 for some candy and a soda when i can grab it from the dollar store instead?

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Sounds like you are the ideal customer for Clover's plastic "Knit Lites" that have the lighted tip and use 3 little camera batteries. I keep looking at them at the local craft store and wondering if and when I would ever use such a thing but the cool factor is definitely there for me. They also have lighted crochet hooks now too! I don't know why knitting at the movie theater would be a problem. Between the loud conversations, the restless kids, and the cell phone shouting, knitting could hardly be a noise distraction. Go for it!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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I say go for it! Maybe try to keep the clicking noise down but I bet you can do it quietly and in the dark.

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Why would there be any noise while knitting?? What are you guys using?

If you can knit without looking (and who can't?), there is no problem. I've knit in a dark movie theatre myself, since I hate wasting that time. Lots more to knit, not enough days left!

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I agree with the others - go for it. Yes the sound of the needles might be an issue of there are people sitting around you. I have just bought the metal Knitpix circular needles set and I definitely wouldn't use them at the movies - they have a loud and definite click...and they are hard and sharp (read: potentially health threatening if they fall/grabbed in the wrong hands).
Loved the HP movies....tendency to be a bit dark so if you are relying on screenshine for light it could be problematic. I think it could be a distraction for others if you had a small light on your work. I tend to get distracted by peripheral lights in theatres (bright exit lights and mobile phone screens when an sms comes in - but that's just me).
But overall I yearn for a return to the days when it was commonplace to see people knitting anywhere in public, so more power to you.

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I agree with most everyone else, as long as you use plastic or wood needles the "noise" shouldn't be a problem, last time I went to the movies I was more irritated with the cell phones and the woman screaming at her kids. (two of many reasons I don't go ot the movies very often) I can knit in the dark, I often do it when the power is out here. Don't let those non-knitting women supress you!

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Turns out we were both running late enough yesterday that stopping at home for the knitting wasn't an issue. But after sitting through the LONG movie and getting restless about 45 minutes in, I wouldn't have minded a project to keep my hands busy. The theater was far from full, and there were plenty of kids and adults yelling things at the screen that I don't think anyone would have noticed. Alas.

I guess the lesson I've learned from this is to always have some yarn stashed in my work bag for unexpected movies or other engagements post-work.

By the way, my wife is completely ok with me sitting on the couch knitting and watching a movie or even bringing knitting to someone else's house to do the same. So, I think that she could be convinced... We'll see.

Thanks for all the great comments!

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I always bring my knitting w/me wherever I go, and I was actually knitting my HP Gryffindor scarf while I was in line at the movies waiting to see "Order of the Phoenix". Needless to say, I don't see what the issue could have been.