Honorable Ravenclaw Scarf, (HAT WIP)

I just wanted to share my FO of the Honorable Ravenclaw House Scarf. I will be making another hat for this scarf . This is one of my Christmas Gifts to myself. Shhh! The elves will come and gift wrap it for me and thorw a hat and a watch in as well. lol! The Yarnis Knitpicks Wool of the Andes (Blue Ink) and Andean Silk (Slate) for the scarf, gauge US8 5mm, Gauge as far as stitches per inch is about 5 to 6. I was happy with having 74 stitches on the round and being at least 60 inches in legnth before blocking. The hat is Bulldog Blue I believe from Lamb's Pride Worsted, and Heather Grey from Lamb's Pride as well. Thanks for stopping by!


Very nice! And I really like the hat too!

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What is the yarn you are using and gauge, needles? I like the two blues- very understated and classy.

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Very nice, I seldom get around to making something for myself, I have to remind myself often to do something for me instead of always for someone else.

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