Round Needle Poll

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I am interested in opinions regarding what you all consider to be the best round needles available. Thanks for your input.


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KnitPicks Options (nickel tip) circular needles get my vote. They might be a bit slippery with some yarns. I haven't tried their wooden tipped circulars yet. If they're as nice as the nickel tipped ones, they might be a great choice for those "slippery" yarns. I'm sure I'll be trying the wooden tips in the near future.

One very important thing to consider with circular needles, especially if you're going to be using them to knit in the round, is the flexibility of the cable. This is one place the Options needles shine. From what I've read, I think most people agree the Options needles cables are very flexible and have very little memory (that's a good thing) so the cables don't get kinked up. KnitPicks Options circular needles

Addi Turbos - love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!

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I'll put in another vote for Knitpicks Options. I adore the way the yarn slides along them, and I never notice the join (unlike other needles, where every 10 stitches I have to stop knitting and fight the yarn past the join).

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I really like the INOX express circular needles. They're flexible, and I don't notice the join. Also, the yarn slides along very nicely. I get them from

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I have a set of Denise Interchangeables and I really like them!! I've had them for four years or so and use them almost exclusively. Good luck deciding!


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I use Double-Pointed bamboo ones whenever possible. When I need to use circular needles I go for the bamboo -- it feels "warm" and I usually like the way it "grabs" the yarn - some people find it annoying though and it can be a little annoying when something's tighter than usual (like, say, on the heel of a sock or something).

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I have both the Addi Turbo which I love and bamboo at the moment, but am going to purchase the KnitPicks Options, to try. I like the idea of how compact they are.

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