Another Newbie

Hmmm...not sure if this is the right place to post this....but I wanted to say 'hey'.

I am a newbie here, but I have been knitting for about two years.

Yesterday (Nov 4 2007) I took a double workshop with Lily Chin, so we're back in full TMPP mode....too many partial projects...about 10 UFOs going currently. Lily inspired even more yarn purchases

Greeting from Georgia y'all



welcome Bruce

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Welcome Bruce! This is a great place to learn, get encouragement and occassionally a little kick in the behind to get you to try something new. But not to worry, it's always a gentle kick. :)

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Only 10? Surely a mere 10 or so projects doesn't put you into TMTP, does it?

After all - there's the mindless knitting, the "special" knitting, the "I can only work on this when *everything* is perfect-incredibly intricate-puzzle-knitting"; and the "I gotta knit this because I promised - project; all in the living room, (that's 4); the bedside table insomnia knitting ; the three car projects (1 mindless, one obligatory, one for fun), the coffee hour project, the lunch hour project. okay - that's ten. Definately not too many. OOps! forgot the stashed in the desk emergency work knitting project.

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hehe...yeah I lowballed the figure!
here they are FWIW (no pics at present, but I can correct that)

(1) 'Citrine Socks' from Interweave press Holiday 2007
(2) 'Ruana' from Iris Schreier's book
(3) 'Undulating Wave' Socks from a Sock book from Interweave
(4) 'Diamond' Shawl from Victorian Lace Today
(5) 'Irish Walking Scarf' from an Online Pattern
(6) 'Chevron Shawl' from Crystal Palace Yarns
(7) 'Up the front down the back V neck Sweater'
(8) 'Great American Afghan' - one square of 25 completed
(9) 'Regal Silk Necktie' - from Artyarns
(10) 'Trellis and Fan Shawl' from Margaret Stove/Artisan Lace
(11) 'Wizards Cloak' in Bernat Boa ' Phoenix'
(12) 'Entrelac' Scarf in Noro Kureyon
(13) 'Top Down Sweater on Circulars' from Knit1 Mens Issue (2006?)
(14) 'Koolhaas Hat' from Interweave Press Holiday 2007
(15) 'Quivit Tam' from Interweave Press Holiday 2007
(16) 'Quivit Scarf' from Interweave Press Holiday 2007
(17) 'Knit Teddy Bear' from Interweave Press 2007
(18) 'Cabled Fishermans Sweater' from Cables Untangled
(19) 'Blackberry Scarf' stitch from a dictionary, knitting to my length

Also various simple scarves, throws, coasters, etc in garter and/or stockinette plus some crochet projects as well. We'll not mention numerous potential projects in the stash (I have a walk in closet to give you an idea). Some of the above are for gifts, some are for my Renfest and Dragon*Con costume ideas, and some are just for everyday use.