Cable Holes???

This is my first cable project and I could use some guidance. I'm currently knitting the "Dashing" fingerless gloves from Knitty. However, when I begin to cable I notice a small hole in the p2 sections where it changes into a knit stitch for the cable row. Is this hole supposed to be there?


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If you are refering to what I suspect you are referring to - it will become much less noticiable after washing as the tension of the stitches evens out.

or if you are referring to the hole at the edge of the cable where you have a crossover - yeah - it's always going to be there to some extent.
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That makes sense...I wasn't thinking that far ahead. Thanks!

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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Ditto to the above. I have experimented with cables and I found that if I give some "ease" to the cross-over stitch (the one that bypasses the stitches on the cable needle) that the hole is less noticable. I hope that makes some sense!

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