Prada Hat Pattern

OK, I saw a picture in a magazine, maybe GQ, of a guy wearing a stocking cap, that was like orange and gray and it was an ad for something Prada, but the hat was so cool. Anyone seen anything like a place that has patterns for Prada Hats? Any help would be appreciated.



A friend clipped the picture and sent it to me a month or so ago -- I've
thought about knitting it but haven't tackled it yet. I had two ideas:

First approach:
1) Knit a rectangular piece in gray
2) Knit two orange semi-elipses, starting at the bottom and shaping
with decreases, in a similar manner to a sleeve cap.
3) Ease and sew the semi-elipses to the rectangle, as one would
set in a sleeve.

Second approach:
1)Knit a rectangular piece in gray.
2)Using orange, pick up the entire edge in gray, then
knit back to just past the center, and knit short rows until
the sides are filled in and bind off.
3)Repeat step 2 for the other side.

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I'm not sure that I've seen the hat in question. Is someone able to upload a scanned copy of the photo?