Finished the LUNA blanket

I posted a couple of days ago about finishing up with this blanket, which I'm now calling the LUNA blanket. But the pic didn't show much detail. This pic, however, with the shadows, does show the detail. The blanket is blocked and finished and will be on its way across the country sometime this week.

The pattern is a modified version of the Aran Blanket pattern in _Knit Baby Blankets!_ edited by Gwen Steege and published by Storey Publishing.


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This is a wonderful baby blanket!! I'm sure the parents will be thrilled. I know I would be. Did you use a published pattern or did you improvise?

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Funny you ask... I just editing my posting to include the information about where I got it. I also used patterns I found on the web for the letters. See


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Cool!! Thanks for the information ^_^

Very beautiful!

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Love this! makes me wish I had a baby to make this for. None of my daughters are in a hurry to have babies though :(

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

This is a really nice baby blanket. One day the baby will appreciate it.

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Very beautiful.

I think I would like to try something like this.

I LOVE the cables.


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...I'm so bored knitting mine...that I've put it aside for a work on something else...LOL