How do you keep your notes when designing something from scratch

Whenever I am working on a project that I am just creating out of my mind, I will scribble down a few notations.  Like a pattern motif, bound off so many stitches here and there, picked up this number etc.  Then someone asks me for the pattern.  Then I try and write it out.  I should take better notes.  Instead I get so involved in the creative aspect that I forget about the diligence of good, detailed note taking.

Any suggestions from my fellow comrades out there?

Not to good at this, but I will try and post the sweater I recently completed.  I used the concept of decreasing from Ann Budd's handy book of sweater patterns for the set-in sleeve; otherwise the design is mine, experimenting and ripping (when it did not look right to me).  I used wool from cottagecraft (in Canada).  But I must learn the tricks of sucking in the stomach muscles etc when being photographed.



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Hi! I keep a notebook beside me when I knit and make notes how many stiches and rows, cast of etc. All important informations for making a written pattern. then when the sweater is finished I can easielly make a paatern that can be used by others. All the numbers and things that you keep in your head while knitting is easy to forget so it's best to write it down, at least in my case.

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Charting is my favorite technique. Using a consistent shorthand for sweater designs and sock patterns requires a bit of thought but, once it becomes habit, it is fast and easy to put one's thoughts on paper. Then, the fun starts. Knitting from a chart is fast and easy when one is used to it. Writing up a set of pattern instructions takes a lot of time and work but is a linear process that goes along slowly for me. However I have a basic sweater pattern or two completed.

Anyhow, just a thought -- if you want to quickly record knitting information, try charting. Sometimes that picture is worth more than a page of writing.

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