Norwegian Style Ravenclaw Hat 1

This is my first real attempt at color stranding with a design that is more than just a checkered board. Let's see what happens today when I tackle the main are with the Norwegian Star design. I always measure the hat on my head with the needles dangling, it feels like a Borg implant lol! Thanks for stopping by.


Is it like the hat on Knitty................ where you knit a cable band & then pick up stitches to make the hat?

Knit away, knit away

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Looks like a great job you're doing.

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That looks so cool on your head like that. Very much like a Borg. It's so pretty. I saw your Harry Potter scarves as well. I did one for Gryffindor as a money raiser... to give away in a raffle. It turned out really nicely. So where is the pattern for this hat that you're working on... just going in circles? Good luck!