Koolhaas Hat

Well, I'm off to class...we're making the Koolhaas hat tonight, I already have the brim partially done, but I wanted assistance available with the intense cable pattern if need be.

Here's the interweave knits page that talks about it:
(scroll down to Koolhaas hat p 32)

Did anybody else read that title as something other than Kool-hahs [or as the LYS people say kool-house] or is it just me? The first time I saw it in the magazine, I thought it said Kool-[donkey explitive] hat!


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I love that hat! I can't wait to pick up a copy of IK and knit one for myself!

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The cabling's actually not that bad, but definitely best done without a cable needle, as it would go very slowly otherwise. With a two-stitch cable, it's really not that difficult - just have to mind that you don't tug on the yarn on the needles.

Also, it's actually pronounced kole-hahss. The Dutch, they do things differently.

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Cabling without a needle - that's what the instructress showed us last night. It is much faster than with the 3rd needle.

In this pattern, when you start the cabling round, the stitches are on a size US-6 circular, and the cabling round is done on a size US-8. Throw in the cable needle and you have 6 needle ends going whichever way they please. A bit frustrating! I wound up slipping the whole thing onto the 8s to get rid of the dangling 6s and the needleless cable technique, after about 4 repeats, was easy (even if it did generate a little angst over dropping the free hanging stitch).

Unfortunately I had to visit the frog pond because I somehow picked up a stitch from the row below on one of my cable crosses (one that I did with the cable needle, before she showed us the needleless technique) so when I got to the end of the row, I had a single free stitch....grr