Ideas for a group project?

I know it's coming up on the holidays and everyone's probably really busy with projects and gifts, but I thought I'd toss around the idea of a group project... something similar to the Knit a River project (that I missed out on). Could be something we just do together for fun or it could be something we do for others (an organization, homeless shelters, hospital, etc.) Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


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I think a group project would be a great idea, especially as the holidays are approaching. How about doing some knitting for charity? One of the foundations that I have contributed to before was Warm Up America. You can submit 7X9 blocks, whole afghans, throws, etc. I think it could really be neat if all the guys at MWK would submit a block (or blocks) and we could turn it in as a group project from the boys! On their website,, they explain what itheir organization is all about and even provide patterns for blocks using crochet or knitting - It's an all inclusive project no matter where you're at on your knitting journey--beginner to advanced. Making a block would be really quick and easy and doesn't take much yarn. It's also a great way to try out new techniques. Combined from all of the members our blocks could whip up to something quite substantial. We could even showcase the designs we come up with for our block. What do you guys think?

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I think that sounds like a great idea! Since I'm new to knitting, it would give me an excuse to try a few new techniques and help someone at the same time. If we decide to do this, I'm in!

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Hey there, thanks for the suggestion... sounds like something I was looking for. I'll take a look at Warm Up America. So glad you replied!!


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The scarf knit-along seemed to go over with a bang! Count me in on this one too! Hey, Fearless Leader Darrell, what do you think?


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Here's a list of charities/projects... includes the one suggested by Cajun Knitter (Warm Up America).


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I'd probably participate in a scarf project but would probably get a little more gung-ho over a hat project. I tend to give up on scarves about half way through (dumb, I know) but Hats... hats are fun all the way 'roud....

I know a church I worked at a few years ago (well... coming on a decade now) had a hat project where they sent out dozens of little hats to an orphanage somewhere overseas. I don't know the details... but there is always Newborns in Need... It's an EXCEPTIONAL program that provides hats, layettes, etc. for parents with newborn babies. They are especially concerned with ensuring that the hospitals have premie clothing -- you can't buy that in most stores. They also provide little blankets, and burial layets for infants who pass away (imagine how comforting it is to put your baby in something that "fits" when everything else seems to be going wrong and you can't buy something in the store...) Anyhow, I've never needed their assistance but people in my community have and I'm mucho impressed with the program... just an idea.

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