I post stuff on my regular blog and keep forgetting to put it up here.

Anyway, I finished the Koolhaas (pronounced kole-hahss) hat a few days ago. The yarn is Alpaca with a Twist Highlander in colorway "Skye Blue". I know others are making it or planning to make it and I have to say that I really like this pattern. Jared generally does nice work, so I'm not surprised. There is a lot of cabling involved, but the stitch pattern is still fairly easy to memorize so that I didn't have to keep looking back at the pattern after the first repeat or two.

I really strongly recommend working on cabling without a cable needle for this (Google "cabling without needle". There are several tutorials, so you can find one that works best for you). I think it'll only slow you down if you do it that way. With the two-stitch cables, it's not that difficult to slip them off the left needle and pick them back up crossed.


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Nice! Great work!

The Koolhaas hat I am making is in 'Baby Llama' yarn in a copper-brown, and I also recommend the cabling without a needle. The technique I learned last night is on grumperina.com at:


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Does anyone know if the Koolhaas hat is sold as a singular pattern anywhere? I haven't been able to find it, but thought I'd ask.

I went to Barnes & Nobel yesterday with the intent of trying to talk my wife into saying "oh, go ahead, just buy the magazine if you want the pattern that badly" (which I think I might have gotten out of her) and the Interweave magazine that was there was the wrong issue! (Winter)... Although it did have a really cool Celtic bag. Didn't buy it though. I guess I'll have to pick it up online, I noticed the website still has it up for sale. Oh well.

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I was hoping the same thing Tim, I searched everywhere for it, since this hat is the only pattern I wanted :P I'll probably end up buying it off the site, and yeah probably will buy the winter issue too for the bag. LOL Define pattern addict

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Well, I broke down and bought the magazine -- isn't that the way it goes.. Buy the whole thing for a single pattern... oh well. :-) Anyhow... Can anyone tell me what weight yarn the pattern calls for? I'm not familiar with "Shokay Yarn Shambala"....

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The designer (Jared Flood of this site), says in his blog that the original version he knit was in worsted weight. See:

for more pictures and explanations.

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